Facts About Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy coatings for floors have a long track record when it comes to longevity that actually dates back more than sixty years ago. Traditionally, epoxies were used in the form of an application of a seamless type coating over wooden flooring. The more popular epoxy system used to be hand-broadcasted "flake flooring" systems. But the urethanes and epoxies would discolor with a yellowing color over time caused by a lack in association with UV resistance. In addition, certain components and solvents in the epoxies emitted toxins and odors. Today, with federal regulations and the latest technology, manufacturers of urethane and epoxy products have formulated far safer products that protect the environment and humans.

Decorative Epoxy Coatings For Flooring Systems

Today, epoxy flooring has advanced immensely and the current industry has created various decorative application types. Some of these include colored-quartz, metallic, vinyl chip and the solid colored epoxy systems. There are a host of possibilities for each type of system.

About Epoxy Resins

Manufacturers typically provide 2 different epoxy polymers that are now used widely for decorative flooring systems. These include Aliphatic Resins and Aromatic Resins. The Aromatic type is generally recommended for only interior applications as they discolor over time and the absence of UV resistance. However, the Aliphatic Resins offer outstanding UV resistance and are usable for exterior and interior applications. These Resins come in emulsion resins, solvent-based or 100% solids resins.

The 100% solids resins will cure without the need to flash off the solvents. These materials harden simultaneously offering a durable and strong epoxy flooring system. This epoxy resin type is widely used for a number of exterior and interior applications. At the stage of curing, the solvent based type resins let off solvents into the air and are highly flammable. This is why this system is best for exterior use only. The emulsion resins are also popular due to that the main carrier is water with minimal amounts of solvent. In general, the emulsion resins are best suited for interior application.

Sought After Epoxy Finishes For Flooring Applications

With the extensive variety of resins now available, the epoxy industry is definitely booming. The vinyl-chip epoxy coatings are used commonly in both commercial and residential applications and they come in several shapes and sized with an extensive range of color choices. Another popular choice is the solid-color epoxies that are easy to maintain, stain resistant and offer protection. The metallic epoxy flooring systems mimic marble finishes and are a sought after choice for night-clubs and restaurants.

Professional Installation Is Important

Since there is a renewed interest in the epoxy flooring, the emphasis is now aimed at professional installation.  Having a professional installation is the key to obtaining longevity and durability of these flooring types. Typically, a good quality floor system provides outstanding adhesion, resistance to impact, harsh chemicals and stains. These systems are designed in such a way that they can last for many years while looking great years after regular use.


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